Lake Bled

My favorite neighboring country is Slovenia, to which I am always happy to return again and again. My first neighbors hide their land between the Adriatic Sea and the Julian Alps. The unforgettable landscape will allow us to sail through time. Although bathed in the Mediterranean Sea, the Slovenian coast does not have a single island. In fact, the only island that Slovenia jealously guards as well as the legends associated with life in that isolated place is the one we shell visit. The one located in the middle of the beautiful Lake Bled. A place that has been favored by cultural heritage throughout history and today, is surrounded by the Alps.

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The town of Bled is well guarded by the oldest 1000-year-old castle in Slovenia that stands proudly on a 130m (426ft) high cliff.

Lake Bled is a glacial lake situated in the Julian Alps of northwestern Slovenia. It is famous for its picturesque beauty and is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. The lake covers an area of 1.45 square kilometers and has a maximum depth of 30.6 meters.

The history of Lake Bled dates back to the medieval period, when a castle was built on the cliff overlooking the lake. In the 19th century, the area became a popular destination for the aristocracy, who built summer residences in the vicinity of the lake. Later, the area was opened to tourism, and it has since become a popular holiday destination.

Overall, Lake Bled is a beautiful and serene place with a rich history and fascinating legends.

Tour type: natural beauties tour Slovenia and Croatia

Duration: 8+ hours

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