Wine-making has a long and rich history in Istria, dating back over 2,000 years. The region has been producing wine since the Roman times, and it has played a significant role in the local economy, culture, and social life.

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Historically, Istria has been a crossroads of different cultures, which has influenced the development of wine-making in the region. The Greeks, Romans, Venetians and Austrians have all left their mark on Istrian wine-making tradition, bringing new grape varieties, techniques and technologies to the region.

One of the most important grape varieties in Istria is Malvasia Istriana, which is believed to have been introduced by the Greeks. It is grown in different parts of Istria and it is used to make both dry and sweet wines.

Another important grape variety in Istria is Teran, which is a red grape that produces deeply coloured and full-bodied wines. Teran has been cultivated in Istria for centuries and it is believed to have originated in the region.

Throughout the centuries, wine-making has been an essential part of Istrian culture and social life. It has been used for religious ceremonies, celebrations, and everyday meals. There are several wine festivals and events held throughout the year in Istria, which provide an opportunity to taste different wines, learn about the local culture and socialize with other wine lovers.

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